Prayer Flags in Austin, TX

Prayer Flags make delightful decoration both inside and outside of your home. If you are in Austin, TX and you want to buy prayer flags, Mandala Tibetan Shop is the place to go. Mandala Tibetan Shop carries a wide assortment of traditional cotton flags, plus hardy nylon and satin prayer flags.

 Ganesh Cotton Prayer Flags

For years prayer flags have been symbolic of Tibetan Buddhism. First hung in Tibet and then Nepal, now prayer flags are seen all over the world. Recently the Dalai Lama spoke in New Orleans, and the entire city hung prayer flags to welcome his arrival. It was impossible to find prayer flags in New Orleans, and many businesses and individuals contacted Mandala Tibetan Shop to fill the gap. Many prayer flags come in rolls. I would not recommend ironing prayer flags, instead you should unroll your flags upon arrival and place them under a heavy book. They will naturally unroll in a few days.

Although prayer flags are becoming more and more popular, many do not understand the idea behind prayer flags and why they are so synonymous with Tibetan Buddhism. Traditional prayer flags have a mantra written on each flag. When prayer flags hang outside, and the wind blows through the flags, the wind carries the mantra throughout the world. So hanging prayer flags is essentially like sending out good wishes to the entire world.

Prayer flags can be hung whenever you like, and it is traditional to change your prayer flags during the Tibetan New Year, which is called Losar. Many prayer flags are not hemmed around the edges. This is so that the flag will disintegrate in time to hang new prayer flags the next year.

Prayer flags come in a string of 5, 10, 20, or 25 flags, and their sizes vary greatly. When choosing prayer flags, it is important to take into consideration the size of flags you need for the space you are hanging the flags. I have seen prayer flags hanging outside apartments and condos on balconies, and you only need a small set of prayer flags for this purpose, but larger areas of course need larger flags, with more flags on a string. We sell some sets of 5 rolls of prayer flags, for a total of 100 prayer flags. This size is nice if you want to hang prayer flags around your home or around a large room. 

Mandala Tibetan Shop carries a number of different style of Tibetan Prayer flags. The most traditional style of prayer flags is the cotton prayer flag. This style of prayer flags will disintegrate each year if left out in the elements. Here are some examples of our cotton prayer flags.

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags, Set of 5- 10 x 6 Inches

set of 5, 10 x 6 prayer flags, full view

This set comes in a set of 5 or we also sell these individually in store. There are 25 flags in each roll of these flags, and each flag is 10 x 6 inches. A set of 5 rolls is $19.99.

Tiny Set of 5 Prayer Flags

 Set of 5 Prayer Flags, 4" x 5"

This set of 5 prayer flags is great for small spaces, one strand is about the size of a bookshelf, so you can hang these flags all over your house on furniture. These flags can also be linked to make a larger strand of flags. These flags are made from cotton, and can be hung outside or inside. The size of each individual flag is 5 x 5 inches, and  there are 10 flags on each roll. A set of 5 flags is $9.99.

Tibetan Buddhist Neon Lungta, Wind Horse Prayer Flags

 Neon lungta (wind horse) prayer flags

We carry this set of wind horse prayer flags in two types. The size shown above has 10 flags on a strand, and we also carry a set of 20 flags with the wind horse
The smaller size is $9.99 and the larger size is $14.99. These flags are made from a mix of cotton and nylon and they are very hardy flags. These flags can stand a few years in the elements if you like, and of course all our flags will hold up forever inside.

Satin Prayer Flags
We have a few different styles of satin prayer flags. One customer was impressed to find that our satin prayer flags held up even through a hurricane!

Satin Buddha Images Prayer Flags

satin prayer flags 

 This set of Buddha prayer flags has a different Buddha on each flag. There are 10 flags in this set, and each flag is 10 inches wide and 15 inches long. This beautiful satin set of Buddha flags is only $19.99.

Satin Buddhist Prayer Flags

 Satin Prayer Flags

This set of flags has Buddhas inside a border with the om mani padme hum mantra written on the front of each flag. There are 10 flags in each set and this set is 14 x 14. This set is $19.99.

Wind Horse Handmade Buddhist Prayer Flags

 Lungta, Wind Horse Prayer Flags, Satin

There are 10 flags in this wind horse set, each flag is 12 inches wide and 14 inches long. There are 10 flags in this set and each flag has a wind horse (lungta) on the front. The wind horse is an important figure in Tibetan Buddhism. This set of satin prayer flags is $19.99.

 New Super High-Quality Prayer Flags

Our high-quality prayer flags are handmade in Nepal. (Like all our flags) The family who makes these flags pride themselves on making super high-quality prayer flags. The two sets we have right now are our smaller sets, but we have larger sizes in store that I just haven't been able to put on yet- I will post those when I get a photo. We have two styles of this flag, and both styles have 5 flags and are 5 x 5 inches. The fabric of these flags is made from cotton with some polyester, and the feel of these flags is unreal. Plus- they come in flat packs, which helps because you can just purchase and hang these flags, no need to place them under a book for a few days first.

Peace prayer flags

 This is our set of peace prayer flags. I love this set because each letter of the word peace has been related to an important Buddhist concept. The message of Buddhism comes through in these peace flags in a pure and beautiful way. Frankly, Buddhist or not these ideals are something we should all strive to achieve. Only $6.99.

Om Mani Padme Hung Prayer Flags, 2.5 Feet Long

 Prayer Flags with Om Mani Padme Hung

 This set of om mani padme hung prayer flags comes in a strand of 5, and the set is 2.5 feet long. The Tibetan Buddhist mantra, om mani padme hung (om mani padme hum) is on each flag. This set of prayer flags is $6.99.

Tibetan Buddhist Flag

 Buddhist Flag 

 This flag is made from satin material. It is 30 x 39 inches. This is the Buddhist flag. This is not a set of prayer flags but rather one flag, handmade in Nepal. This flag is $6.99.

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